I’ve never been much for working with my hands. All my life I’ve basically been behind a computer – making websites, doing graphic design, recording music. I’ve stared at monitors so much, I had to get glasses because it’s getting tough on my eyes.

In 2016 I decided to take up a hobby that didn’t involve staring at a screen. I found some super simple projects online and set out to build them for fun and maybe to sell. I made some candle holders, plant benches, then some coffee tables. I didn’t have a workshop, so I just did all of the woodworking in my backyard and the staining in my living room. I’ve always been afraid of power tools because I didn’t have much exposure to them, and I had no experience in woodworking beyond framing a couple of walls. I didn’t even have good tools – just a gifted chop saw, a drill and a palm sander – but that was enough to get started.

After a few projects, my wife Jessica suggested that it might be a good business idea, so together we worked hard to create a new side-hustle. We posted some items on Etsy and got a few sales, and started to make some sales locally through word-of-mouth. Eventually, we outgrew the backyard “shop” so we upgraded to a commercial workshop in 2017, then expanded… and expanded again.

Flash forward to now (2020) and we have a woodworking business called Earth + Moon in Orillia, Ontario. Jessica and I make large and small custom furniture, home decor pieces and we do furniture refinishing. We have shipped pieces all across North America and have been blessed with amazing customers. We love creating beautiful furniture and making people happy!

You can find Earth + Moon on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy. We also have a website, too!