I like to play guitar, write songs and record music. Sometimes I even sing, too. I went to Fanshawe College for Recorded Music Production, back when things were still being recorded to tape. It taught me a lot, but mostly I learned that I didn’t want to live the hectic life of a record producer. I’ve been in lots of bands over the years, and on this page you can find some recordings of these different projects.

I don’t have any audio from my cover band Up In Arms, my instrumental surf rock project called The Wave Dwellers, or my first band Sound Obsession. If I find any recordings of those projects, I’ll add them here.

Joel Emberson (solo music)


These songs are singles, not because they are destined for the radio, but because they don’t belong to any album or EP. Nearly Perfect and Butterfly were written for my now-wife Jessica. Lua is a cover of the Bright Eyes song, which I love to play. The remaining songs are just ones that have been rattling around in my head for ages and I decided to record; for every song I record, there are ten more that I forget.

All songs written and performed by Joel Emberson, except ‘Lua’, which was written by Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst). All rights reserved.

  1. Joel Emberson – Nearly Perfect 3:20
  2. Joel Emberson – Butterfly 3:08
  3. Joel Emberson – Lua [Cover] 4:05
  4. Joel Emberson – Waiting for an Aeroplane 3:31
  5. Joel Emberson – Hear You Fine 4:15
  6. Joel Emberson – The Way It All Began 4:31


These demo songs are old, so please don’t judge me on the quality (I was young and naive!). Most of these recordings are from the late 1990s and very early 2000s, and were recorded in different places using random equipment of varying quality. Vocals, instruments and recordings were done by me.

All songs written by Joel Emberson. All rights reserved.

  1. Mesmerized [Demo] Joel Emberson 5:43
  2. Too Late For Sorry [Demo] Joel Emberson 3:50
  3. Reasons [Demo] Joel Emberson 4:37
  4. Phaser Song [Demo] Joel Emberson 4:00
  5. Morning After [Demo] Joel Emberson 1:33
  6. The Way It All Began [Demo] Joel Emberson 4:25

One Take Wonders (2003)

This was an experimental instrumental album I created in 2003, after the album I was working on was completely lost in a computer failure. Each track is performed in one take, completely improvised. Songs were recorded using an electric guitar through many effects and direct to computer.

All music written and performed by Joel Emberson. All rights reserved.

  1. Visual Wonder Joel Emberson 4:27
  2. Intellectual Wonder Joel Emberson 5:13
  3. Natural Wonder Joel Emberson 4:27
  4. Mechanical Wonder Joel Emberson 6:47
  5. Electrical Wonder Joel Emberson 4:29
  6. Spiritual Wonder Joel Emberson 3:31
  7. Chemical Wonder Joel Emberson 5:13
  8. Unconditional Wonder Joel Emberson 4:02
  9. Physical Wonder Joel Emberson 4:54
  10. Logical Wonder Joel Emberson 5:12
  11. Eventual Wonder Joel Emberson 4:30

Sketchy (1999)

Sketchy was recorded at Fanshawe College recording studios in London, Ontario and at home during 1998-99. This was self-released and included two tracks from my band Nine Men Morris and three tracks from my other band 77, which were all recorded during this period.

All songs written by Joel Emberson. Vocals on ‘Imbecile’ by Marcie Ewing. Produced by Joel Emberson. All rights reserved.

  1. Imbecile Joel Emberson 3:56
  2. Sketchy Joel Emberson 3:38
  3. Morning After Joel Emberson 3:00
  4. Waiting In The Wings Joel Emberson 3:24
  5. I Want To Kiss You Joel Emberson 4:16
  6. All That I Can Do From Here Joel Emberson 5:12

Other Projects

Star Dot Star (2001)

Star Dot Star (sometimes written as was a Toronto rock group that I was in, from 2000-01. We played shows in the Toronto Area, including the El Mocambo, 360, Cameron House and The Kathedral. This E.P. was released in 2001, and included songs recorded with the current members and a few tracks from a previous band lineup. Approximately 100 CDs were pressed to distribute to promoters and sell at live shows.

Band members: Chris Gunter (lead guitar and vocals), Joel Emberson (guitar and vocals), Anthony Lucic (drums) and Ken Cunningham (bass).

All songs written by Chris Gunter, expect ‘Too Late For Sorry’ by Joel Emberson and Chris Gunter. Engineered by Rob Sanzo at Signal to Noise Studios, Toronto. All rights reserved.

  1. Too Late For Sorry Star Dot Star 4:01
  2. 1000 Days Star Dot Star 5:09

Earth Moon Conspiracy (2000)

Earth Moon Conspiracy was a conceptual, avant-garde side project that I was part of, with my friends and former Nine Men Morris band-mates Shawn William Clarke and Stephen Dyte. It was a style mashup of what we were all listening to at the time, and uses analog samples and lots of experimental recording and messing around.

Recording was done mostly to an 8-track reel to reel tape machine and mixed on an ancient PC. We burned some finished copies onto CDs and handmade some paper cases with hand drawn artwork.

All songs written by Shawn Clarke, except ‘Never Realized’ written by Joel Emberson. All rights reserved.

  1. The Conspiracy Is You [Part 1] Earth Moon Conspiracy 1:15
  2. The Adventures Of Me To You Earth Moon Conspiracy 7:21
  3. Reality…Improved Earth Moon Conspiracy 5:14
  4. Never Realized Earth Moon Conspiracy 5:08
  5. Finding You (Here) Earth Moon Conspiracy 4:19
  6. The Conspiracy Is You [Part 2] Earth Moon Conspiracy 0:53

77 (1999)

77 was a band that I was in during college. We made a 3-song E.P. called Ferocious. It was really just Lisa Lipka on vocals and myself on guitar, taking advantage of some studio time we had at school. We also had help with bass and vocals from Dave Murray, and drums from a few college classmates. We put together a press kit with some self-burned CDs, a band photo and bio and submitted it to some music showcases, but we never ended up playing a show.

Lyrics by Lisa Lipka, music by Joel Emberson and Lisa Lipka. All rights reserved.

  1. To Whom it May Concern 77 4:04
  2. Nothing of a Beautiful Soul 77 3:54
  3. Innocence 77 3:54

Nine Men Morris (1997)

Nine Men Morris was my band in high school, from about 1996 to 1998 or thereabouts. We played some talent shows and battle-of-the-bands, did some lo-fi recordings, and ultimately disbanded when everyone went their separate ways after high school. Nine Men Morris (or 9mm) played mostly original songs, with a few cover songs too. Many of the members wrote lyrics, and everyone contributed to writing the music. We made a cassette that we sold at our shows, including many of these tracks. Lights and No Regrets were recorded at Fanshawe College in London, ON.

Members were Shawn William Clarke (vocals), Aaron Burnie (guitar), Joel Emberson (guitar), Mike Weiland (bass) and Stephen Dyte (drums).

All songs by Nine Men Morris. All rights reserved.

  1. Lights Nine Men Morris 4:42
  2. No Regrets Nine Men Morris 5:24
  3. This Could Be You Nine Men Morris 6:04
  4. Releaf Nine Men Morris 4:40
  5. Invisible Again Nine Men Morris 5:56
  6. Morning After Nine Men Morris 3:22
  7. Ruby Nine Men Morris 4:17
  8. Starry Mornings Nine Men Morris 6:09
  9. Imbecile Nine Men Morris 3:53
  10. Lights [Cassette Version] Nine Men Morris 4:44