Joel Emberson

My name is Joel Emberson. I am a Canadian designer, photographer, musician, woodworker, car enthusiast and most importantly, father. I have five amazing kids who are growing and becoming wonderful people. I’ve been happily married since 2010 to Jessica, my incredible wife and favourite person in the whole world. We live in Cumberland Beach, which is a small community just outside Orillia, Ontario and two hours North of Toronto. I love Canada and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

I am a designer. I’ve been using the web since 1994 and made my first web page in 1996. Sometimes I make freelance websites for clients. I grew up doing graphic design – both of my parents were commercial artists – and I still love doing it today. Currently, I work for the Ontario government making websites for internal and external visitors. It’s a fantastic career and I love the people I work with and the work that I get to do.

I am a musician. I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs since I was 14. I’ve been in many bands over the years including Sound Obsession, Nine Men Morris, 77, Earth Moon Conspiracy, Star Dot Star, Wave Dwellers and Up in Arms. I spent two years at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario learning to be a record producer. I graduated, and the most important thing I learned there was that I’m only interested in producing music if it’s my own. You can listen to some music I’ve recorded on the music page.

I am a photographer. There’s something so satisfying in capturing a moment in time with a camera, because every moment only happens once and then it’s gone forever. I enjoy taking close detail photos, candid portraits, and experimenting with cameras in crazy ways. I also have a large camera collection, spanning from the 1920s to present day. If you’d like to check out some of my photos, click over to the photography section of this site.

I am a woodworker. My wife and I run a woodworking business in Orillia. We create custom farmhouse-style furniture, beautiful decor items and do some custom refinishing work as well. You can read all about it over here.

I am a car enthusiast. My car of choice is the Mazda RX-7, the classic Japanese sports car with the weird and wonderful rotary engine. I have two of them currently. I have had many project vehicles in the past and love modifying my cars to give them some personality. You can read all about my different projects in the vehicles section of this site.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and some other random places online. I like to lurk on Reddit and car forums, too.

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