Fall is here, and time marches on

Fall is here. Today is October 1st, and our oldest son Dominick is celebrating his 20th birthday today. I can’t believe that he has grown up so fast. When I met Jessica, Dominick was just six years old. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to watch him grow, make friends, meet girls, graduate school, get jobs, develop interests, learn skills and turn into an honest and wonderful adult. Seeing all of my kids grow into awesome humans makes everything worth it.

2020 has been a crazy year, and we’re still in it. It didn’t really seem like we got a spring or summer, and now here we are well into fall. The leaves are falling and the rain and cold are here to stay. Last weekend we spent an entire day trying to get the yard and house ready for winter. I didn’t get half the stuff done that was on the list. It’s amazing how things can get away from you when you’re not paying attention. I’m trying to be more proactive than in the past. It’s no fun scrambling at the last minute when the snow hits.

As for the vehicles, I’m getting ready to winterize the RX7s and put them away until spring. I didn’t get a chance to work on the cars like I wanted to this year. Other priorities related to work and the uncertainty of the current pandemic prevented that. I didn’t get to drive Zelda as much as I wanted, either. There were none of the usual cruise nights or car meets, at least here in Ontario. I’ve been working from home all summer as well, so I can’t even look forward to a nice rotary-powered commute to work. On most of the nicer days, I had stuff to do or otherwise needed to drive the truck to get lumber for the wood shop.

Next year is the year of car mods, upgrades and hopefully car shows. I’m planning on being able to drive both RX7s to meets and putting them side by side. My newly-acquired 1988 convertible is going to be a real favourite at the shows, for sure.

So with winter almost upon us, it’s time to shift gears into hibernation mode and work on some inside-the-house renos and upgrades. Let’s hope things go back to normal soon!