Goodbye, Mildcat!

Hey, do you know what vehicle is really bad at hauling lumber? My 2006 Buick Allure CX. The only 4-door luxury sedan that inexplicably doesn’t have spit-folding rear seats. That didn’t stop me though, and my record was sixteen 8-foot 2x4s in the passenger seat. Jessica (rightly) wouldn’t let me weld lumber racks on the roof!

Yesterday, after 2 years I decided to sell my Buick. Since I got my truck, I haven’t needed the Buick that much. My son Dominick was driving it in the spring while he repaired his own truck. I was working from home so I didn’t really need to drive it very much at all.

Overall, I can’t complain. The car was dirt cheap. Actually, I made it even cheaper by selling some studded winter tires that were included when I bought it (studded tires are not legal where I live). The 3.8L V6 engine ran great, the stereo worked well and it was comfy to drive. I didn’t really even need to do any maintenance on the car, other than oil changes, brake pads, tie rod ends and one brake caliper. At the end, though, it needed a muffler, wheel bearings, new tires, new door locks and who knows what else. I decided it was time for it to leave the fleet.

Why Mildcat?

I named this car the #Mildcat because it is the most boring car I can imagine. For those who don’t realize, Mildcat is a play on the muscle-era Buick Wildcat, which was a very cool car back in the day. I even designed a logo based on the Wildcat logo, and had Jessica make me a vinyl decal for the trunk. Originally I had named it “Invisible Monty” because you wouldn’t notice it in a 3-car parade. The colour is officially Antique Bronze Mist, more commonly known as “brown”. The interior is brown and tan. The dash has plastic wood

Anyway, goodbye Mildcat. You were definitely a car I owned.